Greengrass Nucleus Telemetry Data


Just created a very simple AWS integration that collect Greengrass Nucleus telemetry data as CloudWatch metrics.

AWS Infrastructure schema

This integration will deploy a Lambda function connect to IoT Core MQTT topic where NucleusEmitter component send telemetry data:

"mqttTopic": "greengrass/MyDeviceName",
"telemetryPublishIntervalMs": 300000

The deployed Lambda function put metrics data to CloudWatch using AWS NodeJS SDK:

MetricData: [{
MetricName: event.N,
Unit: event.U,
Timestamp: event.TS / 1000,
Dimensions: [{
Name: 'CoreDevice',
Value: event.V

Once this integration is installed it will be possible to add metrics widgets into a dashboard and/or creating alarms in order to monitor Greengrass Core devices health.

Repository: daaru00/greengrass-nucleus-telemetry-data-collector

Credits: Cloudcraft.

Originally written on Dec 12, 2021.